Warrick Senior Games 2018


The 2018 “Indiana State Nursing Home & Assisted Living Games” took place on Wednesday, May 30th in Boonville, Indiana.  We had eleven residents participate in this annual community event.  Participants from our facility included:  Sue Burke,  Edna Keller, Melba Beyl, Patricia Leroy, Mary Pendergrass, Beatrice, JoAnn Petropoulos, Betty Hendrickson, Arlene Lauderdale, Ruth Shrode, and Bobbie Richardson.

Every resident had a staff member teamed up to help them move from station to station during the competitions!

Lauren Basinski, Hospitality Aid, assists resident Arlene Lauderdale.

Diane Duvall, Wound Nurse, assists resident Sue Burke.

Edna Keller’s family attended to assist her in the games!

James Harrison, Social Services Director, Assists Betty Hendrickson.

BJ Paul, Activity Assistant, assists Patricia Leroy.

Vicki Buckwinkle, Restorative Nurse, assists Melba Beyl.

Jackie Schoolfield, Activity Assistant, assists resident JoAnn Petropoulos.

Kamila Mullis, Assistant Director of Activities, assists Bobbie Richardson.

Anna Jacobs, Social Services Assistant, assists Mary Pendergrass.

Heather Burklow, CNA, assists Ruth Shrode.

Our residents competed against other residents from various Warrick County health care facilities in events such as washers, upright bean bag toss, floor bean bag toss, fishing, ring toss, and wheelchair races.


Upright Bean Bag Toss

Ring Toss


Bean Bag Toss

The highlight of the Senior Games is always the….

Wheelchair Races!

Heat 1!

Heat 2!

After the races the winners were announced! First place winners were awarded with a gold medal, second a silver, and third a bronze medal.  All residents who participated received a ribbon.  We had six residents receive medals this year, many of them winning multiple competitions! Beatrice was even awarded a silver medal for “Most Mature Participant”.

Newburgh Healthcare Champions!


Ruth Shrode 

*Bronze Medal for Ring Toss


Newburgh Nursing Home



Patricia Leroy 

*Bronze Medal for Wheelchair Race Heat 2
Nursing Home

JoAnn Petropoulos 

*Bronze Medal for the Fishing Game
*Bronze Medal for Wheelchair Race Heat 1
Newburgh Nursing Home



Betty Hendrickson 

*Bronze Medal for the Fishing Game 
*Silver Medal for the Upright Bean Bag Toss
Newburgh Healthcare






Mary Pendergrass won her first medal, and boy was she excited!

Then came another, and another, and another medal…




Mary Pendergrass

*Bronze in Bean Bag Toss
*Silver Medal for “Most Mature Participant”
*Gold in the Fishing Game
*Gold in Wheelchair Race Heat 2

We would like to congratulate all of our residents who participated in this community event and we thank all of our staff and family members who attended to assist.  Newburgh Healthcare would also like to thank the Town of Chandler for hosting the Olympics at the Chandler Community Center and thank SWIRCA who did an amazing job organizing the event!


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