Veteran’s Day 2017

On November 9th, Heart to Heart Hospice collaborated with Newburgh Healthcare to host a special Veterans Day event for our residents. Whitney Kissel, Customer Service Liaison with Heart to Heart, hosted a private gathering for our Veterans where they viewed the virtual “Honor Everywhere” film.  This film allowed our residents to experience the World War II Memorial as if they were there in person. 

Following the screening, all residents were able to participate in the “Veterans Reception” held in the Dining Room.  Residents were served refreshments and Heart to Heart Hospice conducted a pinning ceremony and presented our Veterans with certificates. 




Some family members were able to participate in the pinning ceremony for their loved ones!  The Activities Department provided our Veterans with gifts. Following the reception, Heart to Heart visited room-to-room with our Veterans who were unable to attend the event. 

 The facility would like to thank Heart to Heart Hospice for their time and their support of our Veterans!  At the time of the event Newburgh Healthcare had fourteen Veterans at the facility!  

We would also like to thank the staff at Newburgh Healthcare for their assistance with this event, and thank facility owner Bruce Baker for his service to our country!

Happy Veterans Day!
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