Veteran’s Day 2016

On November 10th the Activity Department threw a party to recognize all sixteen of our Veterans at the facility!

Entertainment was provided by singer Tari Martin, who sang popular songs from the World War II era and the Activities Department provided residents and visitors cookies from Donut Bank as refreshments.

The event was extra special for our Veterans this year thanks to Point Man Ministries, a community organization from Crossroads Christian Church.  The ministry service is active in serving Veterans causes and during the program at Newburgh Healthcare the members presented our resident with personalized, embroidered hats and hand-made quilts during the event.

This year the event was covered by Channel 25, who did a feature on the party in the evening!

Newburgh Healthcare would like to thank Point Man Ministries for participating in our Veterans Day event and for providing such thoughtful gifts.  The facility would also like to thank Heart-to-Heart Hospice for visiting with our residents room-to-room, providing our Veterans with a certificate in recognition of their service and patriotic buttons.  In addition, we would like to thank the Newburgh American Legion for visiting our residents and providing them with patriotic balloons.  With the graciousness of these community members, our Veterans had a spectacular Veterans Day!

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