Senior Olympic Games 06/19/12

The 2012 “River City Nursing Home & Assisted Living Games” took place on Tuesday, June 19th in Boonville, Indiana.   This community event is organized by SWIRCA & More and is held at the Boonville Main Street United Methodist Church.  The County Councils on Aging assists in coordinating the event and providing transportation.

This annual activity allows for residents in several of the Warrick County healthcare facilities to get together for some friendly physical and recreational competition.

Gamesthat residents can compete in include:  washers, target toss, ring toss, wheelchair racing, fishing, and bean bag toss. The Warrick County Senior Line Dancers were present at the event this year to provide entertainment prior to the beginning of the games.  Lunch is served to all participants at the commencement of the activities.

Sixteen of our residents participated in the 2012 games. Participants from our facility included:  Sue Burke, Mary Thomas, Thomas March, Joan Harpe, Geneva Stuckwisch, Ruby Schwake, Hazel Fisher, Bud Fisher, JoAnn Trepanier, Mary White, Ellen Wood, Lois Garrison, Lucile Biggerstaff, Shirley Stucki, Marjorie Matthews, and Laura Hays.

Each resident who attends the event will have a chance to win a gold, silver, or bronze Senior Olympic medal.  In competition with over 80 of their peers, five of our residents were able to bring home medals. The winners are as follows:

Geneva Stuckwisch: Winner of a Silver Medal in Washers

JoAnn Trepanier: Winner of a Bronze Medal in Ball Toss, Silver Medal in Ring Toss, and a Silver Medal in the Women’s Wheelchair Race

Thomas March: Silver in Ball Toss, Silver in Bean Bag Toss, Gold in Men’s Wheelchair Race

Joan Harpe: Winner of a Gold Medal in Bean Bag Toss

Lois Garrison: Winner of the Bronze Medal in the Women’s Wheelchair Race

We would like to thank all staff and family who assisted our residents during this event.  We would also like to thank SWIRCA & Moore, the County Council on Aging, and Main Street United Methodist Church for organizing, offering transportation, and hosting this event for the residents in our community!

Newburgh Healthcare Volunteers

Newburgh Healthcare Staff

A special congratulations to Thomas March for defending his title as Gold Medal winner of the Men’s Wheelchair Race for the fourth year in a row!

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