Pumpkin Bash with Neil Yockey 2017


The Activities Department celebrated the beginning of fall by throwing a “Pumpkin Bash” for the themed event in September.  Our residents enjoyed refreshments and live bluegrass music provided by musician Neil Yockey.


The Dining Room was decorated in a “pumpkin patch” and “fall” theme.  Our residents worked hard throughout the month of September creating most of the decorations for our party.  



Pictured to the left and above are “puffy paint pumpkins” residents made using a combination of glue, shaving cream, and paint.




The leaves on the silhouette trees (pictured above and to the right) were  made by our residents, a decoupage project using glue and crepe paper.  


The pumpkins hanging from the Dining Room chandeliers were also made in the September crafts.  Our residents used glue to wrap yarn around balloons; once dried, the balloon was removed, leaving the pumpkin shaped ornaments (pictured above). 

Melba (pictured on the right) poses with her friend while proudly shows off the pumpkin she hand-painted.

 Residents also painted pumpkins and gourds used for centerpieces on the party tables.







While Neil entertained us with his music, our residents enjoyed pumpkin pie and posed for pictures in pumpkin hats, another craft project made in September. 

























The highlight of the party was a surprise visit from a giant T-Rex!













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