National Nursing Home Week 2017

“National Nursing Home Week” is a week long event established by the American Health Care Association. Held in May, it celebrates the positive and caring relationship between residents and staff in the health care industry and recognizes the differences made to each other’s lives.  During National Nursing Home Week the Activity Department holds a daily special event for the residents.  Staff also participate in games and are provided with food each day during the week-long celebration.

Amanda Shelby serves up fairy bread for Australia Day.

 Amanda Shelby, Newburgh Healthcare’s Human Resources Coordinator, is currently completing her Administrator in Training program under the supervision of the facility Administrator, Suzanne Weigel.  As part of her training, Amanda is required to work with each Department in the facility.  In May,  Amanda conducted her hours working with the Activities Department and took on the job of planning a “National Nursing Home Week International Celebration.” Each day during the week a different country was recognized. Foods associated with each country were served and games & activities were also themed in relation to the country of the day.


Australia Day
Monday, May 15th, 2017

Traditionally, the Activity Department kicks off the week with a visit from Mesker Park Zoo, but the zoo was booked up this year!  Not wanting to break tradition, Rebecca Odom, the Recreation Director (having her own small zoo) brought in various pets from home, including: a bearded dragon, two southern leopard frogs, tadpoles, a tree frog, a panther crab, and a corn snake. The residents enjoyed the informative program and the opportunity to touch the various animals.

















The residents worked on Aboriginal style painting during the month of April for decorations during the Australia Day event!  

Receptionist Dani Hillenbrand and her husband Fred brought in their Australian Shepard for pet visits!



Staff members were served fresh kiwi and “Fairy Bread,” an Australian favorite – bread with butter or Nutella and sprinkles.  Choc-Top ice cream cones were also served.  For the game of the day, those staff members who dare to try Australian Vegemite (a spread made from brewer’s yeast) had their name entered into a drawing to win a gift card!

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Greek Day
Tuesday, May 16th, 2017



The facility kicked off the Greek Day celebration by serving staff a sample platter of various types of Greek hummus and Spanakopita.

Our staff then treated residents to a “Toga Fashion Show” during their lunch hour!






















In the afternoon, the Activity Department’s special event was the “Greek Chariot Race.”  Clips from classic movies featuring chariot races and claymation Greek Gods were projected onto the screen at the end of the Dining Room. Residents were lined up on each side of the Dining Room to form a Gold Team and a Silver Team.

Residents were given gold crowns to wear and wave sticks to cheer on their team! The Recreation Director and Assistant Director of the Activities Department were the horses for the race – each resident took a turn rolling a dice to advance their horse down the track!  The Directors entertained residents by bopping each other with sticks along the way.







The Assistant Director of Activities skipped off to a win for the Gold Team and ran a victory lap to the theme song from “Chariot’s of Fire”!

After the race residents were served mini-cheesecakes, a dessert originally made in Greece.  All of our residents agreed, they had not experienced an event quite like this one before!

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France Day

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

The Activity Department celebrated France Day with the residents by throwing a “Viva La France Party.”  Musician Therese McKannon provided entertainment and sang several songs in French. One of our residents, who is originally from France, accompanied by singing alongside Therese.  Residents were served wine and cheese and had their pictures taken with fun photo props!

Resident Suzanne Downs accompanies Therese at the piano singing in French.













The residents made French flower posts in crafts during the month of April and in May planted flowers in their pots to use as centerpieces for the party.

Staff members again dressed up for the event and were served cheese, crackers, and cream cheese croissants to celebrate the day!

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USA Day 
 Thursday, May 18th, 2017


Our annual “National Nursing Home Week Cookout” kicked off our USA Day celebration.  As the tradition stands, the Dietary and Maintenance department grilled hot dogs and  hamburgers for both our residents and staff.   On this day staff members dressed in patriotic themed attire, all part of a week-long costume/theme-dress competition.

In the afternoon residents were treated to a “painting party” with Snickerdoodle Art.  Snickerdoodle provided our residents with canvases and assisted them in learning how to pain the American Daisy.





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China Day
Friday, May 19th, 2017

The Activity Department threw a special “Chinese Fortune BINGO” during the last weekday celebration of National Nursing Home Week.  Residents received their BINGO money in a lucky red Chinese envelope with a good fortune!  

The Activity Department would like to thank all staff who participated in the theme-dress during the week, this makes the celebration extra fun for our residents!  We would also like to thank all of the Department Heads who served food and provided games!
Happy 2017 National Nursing Home Week!







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