Lil’ Rexing’s Pony Express 2018

Lil’ Rexing’s Pony Express primarily provides pony rides for birthdays, either hosted on location at their Evansville farm or off.  The farm has a picnic area, petting zoo, and playground.  Recently, the company inherited a variety of exotic animals including a skunk, kinkajou, hedgehog, ferrets, and a family of chinchillas.  Newburgh Healthcare was excited to kick off the new year by having Lil’ Rexing’s bring their exotic petting zoo to our facility!

Lil’ Rexing’s opened the presentation by allowing the residents to pet their pair of ferrets!

Jamie, owner of Lil’ Rexing’s, and her daughter gave brief presentations including  background information and fun facts about each of the animals in their petting zoo.










One of the highlights in the presentation was meeting the family of chinchillas!  Residents and staff not only got to pet these soft little creatures, but also had the opportunity to give them a cuddle!























Our next guest was a little hedgehog!  Residents were able to pet and hold this little guy!










Lil’ Rexing’s skunk was perhaps the favorite of our staff!  Everyone in attendance was quite surprised at how much a skunk loves to snuggle!

Save the best for last?  When the kinkajou made his appearance, he quickly won over this crowd!

We would like to thank Lil’ Rexing’s Pony Express for visiting our residents! 

We also thank all staff who assisted with this activity!

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