Ice Cream Party 07/25/17

The Activity Department themed event held during the month of July was the “Ice Cream Parlor Party.”  Activity staff members made their own “Ice Cream Girls” costumes and karaoke singers Corey Mockabee and Tony Baxton provided our residents with lively entertainment! 

The small ice cream cone decorations in this picture were made by our residents.

The Dining Room was decorated with ice cream cone murals made by the Activity staff.  During crafts scheduled in July, residents worked on creating ice cream cones made with “puffy paint” (inspired by Pinterest) as an additional part of the decor. 

Every party needs party favors!  Activity staff members created “ice cream hats” for residents to wear during the party, again inspired by ideas found on Pinterest!

Activity staff members took ice cream orders – residents had the option to choose caramel, chocolate, or strawberry toppings with or without whip cream and sprinkles.

Singers Tony Baxton and Corey Mockabee always prove to be entertaining. They even allowed one of our residents to accompany them in song!

We would like to thank all staff who assisted with this event!




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