Fall Festival Party 2015

The annual Fall Festival Party was held on October 6th to celebrate the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival. Residents sampled a variety of traditional Fall Fest foods and listened to music provided by Allen Duckworth.

Residents had the opportunity to sample Kuchens, Puppy Chow, Amish Friendship Bread, Cheese Soup, Texas Tenderloin, and German Potato Salad.
Fall Festival Featured Foods
Apple Cider Shnucks
They washed down their snacks with some apple cider to enhance the fall mood.
Residents loved the opportunity to experience one of Evansville’s most popular cultural events from the comfort of our facility!

Nursing home newburgh indiana
Activity staff helped residents with putting on fall leaf bracelets to be festive!
Fall Festival 2015
Newburgh Healthcare Center Indiana
The puppy chow and Kuchens were a hit!

Thanks to all staff and volunteers who helped make this event possible!
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