Disco Party 01/26/16

The Activity Department themed event held in month January was the “I love the 70’s Disco Party.”  The Activity staff dressed in “Disco” fashion for this activity!

The dining room was transformed into a “Discotheque” complete with sparkling discs and strobe lights.

Our residents worked throughout the month of January making “medallion” necklaces and bracelets to wear for the event.

For refreshments, the residents were served their choice of chocolate, caramel, or strawberry ice cream sundaes.

Music was provided by J&D Entertainment, who sang hit songsfrom the 70’s era, including the famous hit, “YMCA”.  The Activity Department utilized the facility projector to play Disco dancing from the show “Soul Train” while the performers were singing.

Nursing Home Newburgh

The Activity Department would like to thank family who joined their loved ones for this activity and all staff who assisted with this event!

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