Our Restorative Programs

Newburgh Healthcare employs one full-time restorative nurse and two full-time restorative assistants along with nursing staff trained in restorative programs.

Newburgh Healthcare

Our staff members assist our residents in their restorative programs daily, which includes:

  • Walking
  • Transfers
  • Communication
  • Range-of-Motion
  • Eating/Swallowing
  • Dressing and Grooming
  • Amputation and Prosthesis Care
  • Bed Mobility
  • Splinting/Brace Assistance

Restorative Nurse Vicki Buckwinkel, LPN

The staff members have been trained by the restorative nurse and by the Therapy Department. Restorative staff works closely with the Therapy Department to develop goals and individualized restorative programs for our residents. Our staff is very supportive and in tune with the resident’s special needs. ¬†We work hard at maintaining the resident’s highest level of functioning in a caring manner.

Restorative Assistant JoAnn Coffey, QMA/RNA

Restorative Assistant Dora Granger, CNA/RNA