Newburgh Healthcare’s Activities

Activity Assistant BJ Paul dresses in clown costume for the 2010 Circus Event.

Newburgh Healthcare prides itself on offering meaningful activities that provide physical, social, and cognitive fulfillment.

Services this department provides include:

  • Activities ranging from morning exercise groups to live entertainment
  • One or more “themed events” monthly
  • Independent leisure materials such as books/music/movies through our     Public Library service
  • Talking Books
  • Pet Assisted Therapy
  • Resident Shopping Services

From left to right: Rebecca Odom, Recreation Director, Kamila Mullis, Assistant Director of Activities and Activity Assistants Rachael Kendall and Shelby Odom

Activities Assistant Rachael Kendall (left) and Activity Assistant Tenea Robinson (right)

The Activity Department employees three full-time Activity Directors and three part-time Activity Assistants.

The department is managed by Rebecca Odom, Recreation Therapist and Kamila Mullis, Assistant Director of Activities.

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Pressing Flowers In Spring

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